Voice & Diversity: Leader Without Gender

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February 19, 2024
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Voice & Diversity: Leader Without Gender

🎙️ Season 7, Episode 2: “Voice & Diversity: Leader Without Gender” with Eva Rosa Santos

On this season’s second episode, I had an excellent conversation with Eva Rosa Santos.

Eva has a profound passion for leadership, especially in the realms of Women Leadership and Gender Equity, and brought us invaluable insights from her extensive experience. 🌟

With a background in Social and Organizational Psychology and over two decades of work in Human Resources across various companies in Angola, Eva recently embraced entrepreneurship. 🚀

Her focus? Leadership: more specifically, female leadership and gender equity. As a Leadership facilitator, speaker, coach, and mentor, she’s making significant strides. 👩‍💼

Eva is the visionary Founder behind Female Leadership in Angola, an organization that proudly became part of the United Nations Global Compact in recognition of its commendable practices and dedication to human values principles. 🇺🇳

In April 2023, Eva celebrated the release of her book, “My Book That Is Your Book – We All Have A Voice!” – a title that resonates deeply with our shared belief in the power of voice. ✨

In this episode, we delve into:

👥 The importance of diversity in leadership and breaking gender stereotypes.

💼 Eva’s journey in advocating for women’s leadership and gender equity.

📖 Strategies and insights from Eva’s work and her recent book.

This is an episode filled with powerful stories and strategies for anyone interested in the intersection of voice, leadership, and diversity. 🌍💪

Stay tuned and join us for a conversation that promises to inspire and challenge the way we think about leadership and gender. 🎧

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