S4 | EP #6 – Leadership & Productivity w/ Luís Parada

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S4 | EP #6 – Leadership & Productivity w/ Luís Parada

Welcome to the 4th season of "Your Voice Matters" podcast, where I'll interview different industry experts, business leaders and change-makers. Most of my guests are former clients, and they use their voice and expertise to make the world a better place.

In this episode, I interviewed Luís Parada:

✨ He is Head of Engineering at Farfetch, the largest platform for luxury fashion, and a coach for brand new leaders who are starting their daunting journey on the management career path.

✨ He has an extensive experience in multiple industries ranging from Visual Effects, where he worked in films like Interstellar, to eCommerce, going through Oil&Gas 3D visualisation.

✨ Along his journey, he would sum up his leadership beliefs into one word: CULTURE. He believes that good team culture is the foundation of creating high performing teams and high-quality products.

Find out more about Luís Parada:


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