S3 | EP #3 – Career Empowerment w/ Jessica J.J. Lutz

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June 30, 2021
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July 28, 2021

S3 | EP #3 – Career Empowerment w/ Jessica J.J. Lutz

My dear guest on this third episode is @Jessica J.J. Lutz

⭐    Coach & Author of 5 books
⭐   Co-director of Mentoring Program at PWI – Professional Women International Brussels

⭐   20 years as news correspondent for radio, tv and print in the Middle East

⭐   She made a career transition from being a journalist to become a coach & now she helps her clients achieve clarity, focus, inner balance and sustained success

In this episode we talked about career empowerment, how to find our voice, burnout recovery, and much more. 

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