Can our Voice Really Change?

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August 1, 2023
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August 29, 2023

Can our Voice Really Change?

🌟 Let’s keep exploring the fascinating world of voice transformation! 🎤

🎙️ Welcome to Season 6 of Your Voice Matters Podcast, Ep.3: Can our voice really change? 🤔

Today we will cover the topics of:

🌞 Why your voice sounds different at different times of the day, or throughout your life.

🗣️ Factors that have the power to shape and impact your voice in both positive and negative ways.

🚀 Important steps that can supercharge your voice transformation journey, so you can improve your voice in less than 90 days!

Stay tuned for more episodes, including solo sessions like this one and engaging conversations with special guests who have corageously gone through a vocal coaching with me. 👏

You can listen to this episode (and future ones) here: Podcast | Inês Moura

Were you surprised with the facts I shared with you today? Share your thoughts below and join the conversation! Let’s empower our voices together! 💬🌟

See you soon, and don’t forget: Your Voice Matters 🗣️✨

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