There is no peaceful path waiting for us. If we want it, we will have to build it with our hands.

José Saramago



  • Master International in Vocal Coaching
    Escola de Patologia del Llenguatge - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Certification in Everything DiSC Trainer Certification - Certified DiSC Trainer
    Inscape Partners International - Hiper High Performance
  • International Certification in Coaching
    International Coaching Community (ICC) – Mindcoach
  • International Certification Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    International Trainers Academy of NLP - Life Training
  • Practitioner in Facial Microexpressions with Body Language
    Center of Body Language - Microexpressions Portugal
  • Certification in Estill Voice Training System - Level I and II
    EVI Certified Course
  • Trainer's Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude
    School of Business and Administration (ENA)
  • Degree in Speech and Language Therapy
    Escola de Tecnologias da Saúde do Porto (ESTSP - IPP)


  • Experiential Vocal Anatomy (40h), with Robert Sussuma & Javier Prieto;
  • Embodiment for Business Coaching & Facilitation (60h), with Maud Raber (+ 20 guest teachers);
  • Moral Inteligence (12h), with Cassiana Tavares and Rúben Barradas / MTW Portugal;
  • Project Management Course (8h), with Winning / MTW Portugal;
  • Improvisation Workshop (4h), with Carlos M. Cunha / MTW Portugal;
  • Mindfulness Course (24h), with Gonçalo Pereira / Upaya Center;
  • Conscious Communication / Non-Violent Communication (10h), with Gonçalo Pereira / Upaya Center;
  • Unleash the Power Within (4 days) with Anthony Robbins in London;
  • Collaborative Practices - Authenticity and Collaboration (16h), with Njiza Rodrigo da Costa / ICOGN;
  • Communication and Influence, with Pedro Vieira / Life Training (8h);
  • Effective Communication with NLP - ANJE (14h);
  • Voice Classes Speaking at ESMAE – Escola Superior de Música e Artes de Espetáculos, with Inês Vicente (12h);
  • Drama Expression Course at TAS (Teatro Amador de Sandim), with Hugo Silva (9 months);
  • Mindbusiness Toastmasters Club: Public Speaking Skills Training and Leadership (2 years);
  • Update Workshop in Stuttering, with Gonçalo Leal / Speech Care (3h);
  • Workshop of Didgeridoo for Speech Therapists, with Rodrigo Viterbo, in Voz & Nós (4h);
  • Vocal Technician Course "Estill Voice Training System - Level I", with Viv Manning (EVI Certified Course Instructor with testing Privileges), in the Cultural Center Contagiarte and ESMAE (24h);
  • "Theoretical-Practical Course - Exercises of Voice" (duration 12h), taught by Dr. Sílvia Pinho, at the School of Health of the University of Aveiro;
  • Formation "Oropharyngeal Dysphagia" (duration of 8h), taught by Adelaide Dias Speech Therapist, at Centro Psicopedagógico e Terapêutico, Lda. - CLIDUCA, Valongo;
  • "The Occupational Voice Symposium 2011" (duration 14h) at University College London;
  • Workshop "A Voz é Livre" (duration 12h), taught by Pascal Ben (Roy Hart Theater) and João Cherepe (Musicentro) at ACARO / CONTAGIARTE Cultural Training Center;
  • "Effective Communication" Workshop (duration 12 hours), given by Dr. Filipa Heitor, at the Student Office of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto;
  • Jornadas "Pensar a Voz" at the Auditorium Magno of the Higher Institute of Engineering of Porto;
  • Workshop on Introduction to the "Estill Voice Training System", taught by Viv Maning (EVI Certified Course Instructor with testing Privileges) at the Porto High School of Health;
  • "Professional Voice" Workshop, taught by Speech Therapist Sónia Coelho (MsC) at ESTSP;
  • "Workshop of Introduction to Theatrical Practice" (duration 20h), taught by the director Inês Vicente, promoted by Voz e Nós - Communication and Voice Development Center;
  • Basic Life Support with External Automatic Defibrillation, certified by the School of First Aid of the Portuguese Red Cross, with the final classification of "approved";
  • I Conference of Speech Therapy ESTSP - Orthodontics
  • Presence and organization of the round table entitled "Laryngectomy: Realities and Perspectives" integrated in the Conferences Cycle Bridges and Points 2008;
  • "Stuttering Seminar", organized by the Portuguese Association of Stuttering, Coimbra.


  • Workshop (1h30) “HER (Secret) Power of Voice” with The Library & HER Global (Brussels);
  • Lecture “Vocal Coaching and Speech Therapy” (8h) at ESS-IPP University;
  • Training “The Secret Power of Voice in Managment” (8h) with Coaching Angola, in Luanda, Angola;
  • Workshop “The Secret Power of Voice” (3h) for Lawyers, Lisbon;
  • Workshop “How to Interact with your audience and fight monotony” (1h30), for a Real Estate client;
  • Communication to Influence Training by MTW Portugal – one-to-one/groups (+5.000 hours), 2014-2018;
  • Presentation & Public Speaking Training by MTW Portugal (+ 3.000 hours), 2014-2018;
  • Voice and Presence on Stage by MTW Portugal - one-to-one/groups (+ 500 hours), 2014-2018;
  • Listening with a Purpose by MTW Portugal – one-to-one/groups (+50 hours), 2014-2018;
  • Vocal Coaching module at Advanced Career Empowerment (ACE Academy by MTW Portugal) (72h) – 8h training on 9 Corporate Editions 2016/2017;
  • Workshop "Training the Coach: NLP applied to Vocal Coach" with Virginia Rivera for International Master's students in Vocal Coaching (4h), May 2017;
  • Exclusive Course "Communication and Voice Coaching" (12h) for Speech and Language Therapists, Lisbon, July 2015;
  • Workshop "Voice and Emotion in Speech" at Porto Business School (3h), April 2016;
  • Workshop at the 1st World Meeting of Speech Therapy Students, at Escola Supeior de Saúde do Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, with the subject "Vocal Coaching", in July 2015;
  • Wokshop "The Voice of the Woman Leader" (3h) at the Hotel Altis Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon, April 2014;
  • Workshop "Voice: Emotion and Credibility in Speech" (16h) at MTW Portugal, March 2014;
  • Workshop "Leading change: with body, voice and attitude" and "Tools to convey confidence", within the scope of the training action 3.1.1. of AFTEBI - Information and Knowledge Management ", in January in March 2014;
  • Workshop "Techniques of Coaching in Clinical Context of Speech Therapy - client-centered approach", in February 2014 (4h);
  • Training in the personal marketing contest "Master.Spitch", in the communication module, promoted by the City of Professions, in June 2013 (9h);
  • Workshop at the Spring Conference of the Toastmasters Club, with the theme "Training Communication", in April 2013;
  • Workshop on International Coaching Week, with the theme "Communication and Voice Coaching", with the support of the Portuguese Association of People Management (APG) and Mindcoach, in May 2013;
  • Postgraduate Course in Pathological and Vocational Voice, by EPAP "Profissionais da Voz" (3h), in June 2011;
  • "Vocal Optimization Strategies" Training, at Trindade Bingo in Porto for employees (8h);
  • Course Credited "Voice and Communication Techniques for Teachers" (50h) - 1st and 2nd edition at the Conservatório de Música do Porto;
  • Workshop "The Impact of Voice: How to Optimize Your Communication" (6h) In the City of Professions;
  • Preparation of job interview candidates at the "Speed ​​Recruitment" event (12h) in the City of Professions;
  • Training, "Voice: Bodywork at the Service of Communication" (3h) at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto;
  • Workshop "Now, I Speak!" (16h) at the Catholic University of Portugal, for students of Economics and Management;
  • Vocal Technique Workshop for Speech Therapists (12h) No Voz e Nós, Braga;
  • Vocal Technique Course for Education Professionals (15h) At António Nobre Secondary School, in Porto;


  • Lecture "The Voice in Team Motivation and Leadership" at the Connected PM - Build the Future Today Conference organized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) Portugal, November 2018;
  • Talk "The Voice in Debate - Books with Health" at the Escola Superior de Saúde do Porto, November 2018;
  • Lecture "Medical Communication in Clinical Practice", organized by the Association of Catholic Doctors, Ponta Delgada, Azores, October 2018;
  • Workshop "Teachers: Vocal Athletes", Lisbon, October 2018;
  • Online Master Science Lecture at the 1st International Online Speech Therapy Congress, October 2018;
  • Lecture "Learning to Unlearn: How to change the voice of an adult?” at VIII APTF National Congress of Speech and Language Therapists, May 10, 2018;
  • Round Table "Optimization of Communication in a Work Context", with the theme "Deconstruction of the Voice in Leadership", at the Porto High School of Health, in June 2015;
  • Conference "V Clinical Practices in Speech Therapy", with the theme "Coaching Approach in the Clinical Practice of the Speech Therapist", in May 2015;
  • Open Class in the Escola Superior de Saúde do Instituto Politécnico de Leiria with the topic " Vocal Coaching ", in February 2015;
  • Special guest for the Pestana Sintra Toastmasters Club with the theme "Voice in the Speeches", in January 2015;
  • Lecture "Vocal Coaching in Business Context" at the 7th National Congress of Speech Therapists ", organized by the Portuguese Association of Speech Therapists, in November 2014;
  • Lecture "Voice and Charism: How to inspire audiences" (1h) at the New University of Lisbon, September 2014;
  • Lecture / workshop "Vocal Charisma" at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute in January 2014;
  • "How to make yourself heard" lecture with Life Training in January 2014;
  • Seminar on Innovation Management of ACIF, streamlining the "Coaching for Innovation" module in July 2013;
  • Lectures at the Life Training Academy in February and July 2013, with the theme "The Role of Voice in Communication" and "Coaching Vocal I";
  • Lecture at the III Conference of Clinical Practices for Speech Therapists, the theme "Complementarity between Coaching and Therapy for Voice Professionals";
  • Lecture at the seminar "Voices of the Imaginary" organized by the students of Social Communication of the Higher Institute of Maia "How much is your voice worth?";
  • Lecture at the Portuguese Catholic University, at the School of Economics and Management, the lecture "Voice as an effective communication tool";
  • Lecture of the World of Voice, Conservatory of Oporto Music, "The Interdisciplinarity of the Voice”;